Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reserve a puppy?

Please fill out an application. Once I receive your application, and if it is approved, you will be asked to send a deposit to reserve a spot on my waiting list.

Please Note: Deposits are half-refundable for any reason. Deposits go towards the total price of the puppy.

Are your puppy parents health-tested?

We complete extensive health testing with each dog! Our health testing includes all testing recommended by the Havanese Club of America and is posted publicly on the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals website. Please refer to each individual dog’s page for more details.

Are puppies AKC registered?

Yes, all puppies are AKC litter registered. You will have the opportunity to register your puppy individually with AKC limited registration. Full AKC registration is only available in very special circumstances and requires the puppy to obtain an AKC Championship title or other performance title prior to breeding.

How much is a puppy?

Please contact us for the most up-to-date pricing information on individual puppies/litters. You should expect to pay between $2500 to $4500 regionally for a well-bred Havanese puppy. We must also charge sales tax in Minnesota. Occasionally, I will have an adult priced less to very specific homes. If this range is out of our budget, please consider contacting Havanese Rescue Inc. for adopting a rescue Havanese.

How are puppies matched with families?

Happy Paws Havanese puppies are matched with families after puppies are evaluated. Puppies are evaluated for show potential in their 8th week. Any puppies deemed as show potential may go to a show home (or may stay here) before companion home families choose. Families choose/are matched with puppies based on a first-reserved, first served basis. Choosing a puppy is a collaboration between myself and my families to assure each family is matched with the best puppy for their needs/lifestyle.

Please Note: No specific puppy is ever promised/reserved until after puppies are evaluated for show. I maintain the right to keep/place any puppy in a show home before those on my waitlist choose.

What is “included” with a puppy?

Each puppy raised with love and care in our home, and is socialized within the home/yard environment, as well as with children and other dogs. Our puppies are vet checked, receive first vaccines, de-worming, and microchipped prior to leaving us. We also include a toy that has mom/sibling’s scent on it, food for transitioning, training materials, puppy pad, and all records including AKC registration, vet/health records, microchip registration, and contract. Additionally, as a North Star Havanese Club member, I am able to offer my puppy families a 1-year free trial membership to our club!

How are puppies socialized?

Our puppies are socialized using early neuro stimulation techniques, as well as techniques used in Puppy Culture. Our puppies are raised on our home with us, and are used to all the sights, smells, noises of the home and yard. They are introduced to many novel challenges as they develop, using a variety of toys and equipment. Puppies are also introduced to adults and children, and other dogs. We do not have any cats or small mammals in the house.
Please Note: Although we start the process of puppy socialization here, continued socializing is essential throughout the first year and beyond so that the puppy develops into a well-adjusted, friendly dog.

Are puppies started on housetraining?

Yes. Puppies have natural instincts to avoid eliminating where they eat/sleep/play. Beginning at about 3 weeks, they naturally try to move away from these areas to eliminate. It is at this age that we provide an alternative location for eliminating, which begins their housetraining journey. Puppies are trained on washable puppy pads, and then outside when they are older (weather permitting). Puppies are started on housetraining, although are not fully trained by the time they go home. Continued consistency with frequent potty breaks is essential for long-term housetraining success. We give tips on housetraining to our puppy families.

Do you have a contract?

Yes. We require that you sign a contract when purchasing a puppy. Included in the contract is a one-year health guarantee for significant, serious genetic health issues. In addition, we require the puppy to be spayed/neutered, and not bred. For more details, please contact us.

What else should I know about the breed?

We would like perspective owners that havanese generally make good dogs for first-time dog owners. They also generally do well with other dogs, as well as kids (when properly socialized and supervised).

We want perspective owners to know the havanese is a high grooming needs breed. The trade-off of non-shed is that they need to be professionally groomed (or bathed and trimmed by the owner) every 6-8 weeks. Additionally, weekly brushing is a necessity.

We also want perspective owners to know that toy breeds, including the havanese, need adequate oral care. Because of their small size, the architecture of their mouths requires that owners brush their teeth daily, or spray teeth with an enzyme spray for plaque. If this is not accomplished, yearly professional cleanings by a vet are a must. Oral health and overall cardiac health go hand-in-hand just as they do with humans. Way too many dogs end up with tooth loss and horribly infected, painful mouths because oral care is not kept up.